T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series part of Czech Cup!!!


The T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series will become part of the newly established Czech Enduro Cup in the Race category from 2023, while the Cardion Enduro Race Kraličák is also the Czech National Championships. 

T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series part of Czech Cup!!!

Enduro is on the threshold of a new era. In the world and in the Czech Republic! For the first time in history, the domestic enduro series will be held as the Czech Cup and the race at Kraličák as the Czech National Championships"

The world level of enduro has literally undergone tectonic changes without exaggeration. For the first time, the complete World Cup will be held under the banner of the International Cycling Union. Warner Bros Discovery has stepped in financially to organise the EWS series and has bought the broadcast rights for all mountain biking disciplines for ten years. The interventions are truly revolutionary. The organisers can reach millions of people worldwide through their platforms such as Discovery+, Eurosport, Eurosport App, Global Cycling Network (GCN) and Global Mountain Bike Network (GMBN). In many cases, downhill, cross country, short track and enduro will be ridden in the same location as part of the World Cup. Which is breathtaking for fans.

This is a major change for the future of enduro. For the first time ever, the T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series will include a Czech Cup. And the race at Kraličák will be run as a national championship.
But the launch of the Czech Cup will not fundamentally affect the current format of the series. The aim is still to bring enduro closer to amateurs, which is why there are Race and Hobby categories. 

The fact that all races will be run as Czech Cup is a chance for the riders in the Race category to gain points that will count towards the overall Czech Cup standings at the end of the season. In the 2023 edition, a federation license will not be required to count points towards the Czech Cup standings, so nothing changes here. However, a licence will be needed for the Czech Championship. This does not mean that competitors who do not have a license cannot compete. They will take part in the race as standard, they just won't be announced in the relevant category of the Czech Championship, but only in the standard category of the T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series - Czech Cup 

The T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series will not become a race for the chosen few. The main priority remains hobby cyclists and children. The intention is to bring the discipline closer to as many people as possible. If someone wants and has ambition, they can switch from the Hobby category to Race. But the participants and the nature of the races will be minimally affected by the changes, it's more about the organizational setup. 

The format will still remain the same, where the hardest timed section - the superstage - within the Race category will not be run by the Hobby category. There will certainly be no added difficulty, it is not the intention to create a series only for the chosen few. Hobby routes are designed so that none of the competitors will be afraid. Two days of training are enough for everyone to ride the measured sections, try everything out and not worry. The intention is to continue to bring enduro to the general public.

Thus, it will continue to be a multi-day festival of people who love enduro. People arrive at the venue as early as Thursday. And many honestly don't come primarily for the racing, but because they can spend time cycling with friends in the countryside. The accompanying programme is also tailored to this, with a number of additional competitions and entertainment programmes such as summer cinemas and DJ parties in the evening before the races. The Enduro Series is definitely not primarily about racing, but about the experience. People will try out new routes, overcome new challenges

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