Rules and news for the 2021 season


Winter is in full swing and therefore we bring you an update of the rules for the 9th edition of the T-Mobile / Czech Enduro Series 2021.

Rules and news for the 2021 season

The first race will start in five months in the new location SKI KRALIČÁK 22.-23.5.2021 but it is even more important to read the rules for this year. We have prepared a few changes and news in the rules and we would like to highlight the most important ones. The main and key points remain the same, however we would like to point out the following:

1. Entry fee 
From 1.1.2021, the entry fee will be raised to 1000,- CZK for adult categories, children will have it for 450,- CZK. Changing the category is possible only until the last day of on-line registration for the race in writing (e-mail is sufficient) at Transferring the entry fee to another race or another person is possible only until the last day of on-line registration for the race in writing (e-mail is sufficient).  

You still have the opportunity to take advantage of the concept of permanent discounts on entry fees at all races of this year's 9th edition of the T-Mobile / Czech Enduro Series. The online season ticket T-Mobile / Czech Enduro Series 2021 in two variants is valid for the entire 2021 season, it is issued in a specific name, so it is not transferable. The pass cannot be used for partner races. Link to ESHOP 

2. New categories
Look out for the new categories for the 2021 season. Changes are mainly in the Race category and a new category has been added for the Newbie 13-14 year olds who will ride the same routes as the Hobby. 

Race Men U21 17-20 years
Race Elite Men 21-35 years
Race Men 35-45 years
Race Men 45-55 years
Race Men 55+
Race Women 17+

Hobby Juniors 15-20 years old
Hobby Men 21+
Hobby Men 40+
Hobby Women 15+

Newbie 13-14 years
Rookie 11-12 years
Grom 6-10 years


Open Men 18+

Open women 18+ 

3. Registration 
The issue of starting numbers will be held on Friday from 16:00 to 18:00. Also on Saturday from 09:00 to 12:00. It will not be possible to register for the race on site. ATTENTION: competitors are obliged to mark their bike with a plate with a valid starting number no later than 12:00 on Saturday, the courses are open only for registered competitors with a properly assigned number. 

4. Mandatory equipment 
The competitor may use only one bicycle, one component, he/she must carry everything necessary himself/herself and make repairs by himself/herself. He/she does not put anything away or replace it. Although the start may be at the same place each time, the rider must start the whole race with all the equipment. Mutual help between competitors is allowed and encouraged, no outside help is allowed. It is not allowed to use an e-bike during training or the main race except in the e-bike category.

A bicycle helmet is compulsory. The rider must wear the helmet at all times during the race, the helmet is not required only in the transfer when riding uphill on a forest road or in case of dismounting. For children and categories under 18 years of age a helmet is compulsory at all times without exception. A spine protector is also compulsory and can be replaced by a backpack with an integrated spine protector. Failure to wear the mandatory equipment will result in disqualification from the race.

The organizer strongly recommends an integral helmet throughout the race, knee and elbow pads, long-fingered gloves, downhill/motocross goggles, tools, spare inner tube, basic first aid kit and always contact the organizer!

For this year we are including an electric bike race. You can register now via the registration form at for the two categories Open Men 18+ and Open Women 18+ More information coming in a new article. 

Full rules can be found on the SERIES RULES page

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TV Nova will become the new general media partner of the T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series from the 2021 season.

The Czech Enduro Series, the biggest enduro MTB series in the Czech Republic and Europe for the general public, has had a year full of challenges. And although the organizers had to face many obstacles in 2020, the strength of the project and the whole cycling series was fully demonstrated in its ability to adapt to new conditions and continue to bring joy to thousands of participants and fans across the country

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