The race was made possible by the enterprise Lesy České republiky,s.p. Mountain bike races are held on the territory managed by the state enterprise Lesy České republiky. They are also your forests, so let's be respectful.

The race was made possible by the administration of the Most municipal forests p.o. Thank you.


22.09.2023 – 24.09.2023






  • Until 22.8.2023 the entry fee is 1100Kč , 600Kč, 550Kč
  • From 23.8.2023 the entry fee is 1300Kč, 800Kč, 650Kč 
  • End of online registration on Sunday 17.9.2023 ( may be closed earlier due to full capacity ) 


  • Friday 22.9.2023 - from 16:00 to 18:00 open presentation , issue of starting numbers
  • Saturday 23.9.2023 - from 09:00 to 12:00 open presentation , issue of starting numbers
  • Sunday 24/09/2023 - no on-site registration on Sunday

Race MenU21 17-20 years
Race Elite 21-29 years
Race Men 30-44 years
Race Men 45 and over
Race Women 17 and over

Hobby Juniors 15-20 years
Hobby Men 21 and over
Hobby Women 15 and over
Hobby Men 40+ 

Grom 6-10 years
Rookie 11-12 years
Newbie 13-14 years 

E-Enduro Race
open men 18+
open women 18+

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On Saturday 23.9.2023 the world-famous Bike o Clock will arrive to Sport complex Kliny!!! from 11:00 they will ride one erzeta with you, make some video with you, advise what track to choose. You just want to experience it! After lunch around 14h they will organize a challenge in the expo area. Long jump, manual challenge etc. It will be the biggest show you will experience at the end of the season! Believe it :) 

We look forward to seeing you. 


  • Friday: from 10am to 6pm 
  • Saturday: from 10am to 6pm 

No E-Enduro category race on Saturday!!! 

On Sunday the main race starts at 08:30. The race will start in 5 min intervals, with 10-20 riders starting each time. Starting order will be reversed, i.e. from the highest number. The Kids category will start first, followed by the Newbie,Hobby, Ebike and Race categories, with the lowest numbered Race category starting last.  

The E-Bike category will do the same as RACE and in addition will do RZ 7 as the Power Stage, which will be located between RZ6 and RZ5


Total length of the race (timed sections and transfers) approx. 35 km.

GROM: 4RZ in total.

ROOKIE: total 4RZ

NEWBIE: total 5RZ, they are going what the Hobby category

HOBBY: total 5RZ, omits RZ 1

E-ENDURO: total 7RZ, they are doing what the RACE category does and the last RZ7 is being done as a Power Stage 

RACE: 6RZ in total

RACE TIME LIMIT: 4h for E-bike category, 4h:30min for Hobby category, 5 hours for Race category (may be increased due to poor track conditions)

REFRESHMENTS: Named Sport refreshment station at the start of RZ2 and RZ3. A small water and johnny stand in the race area.

SERVICE: T-Mobile service tent in the race area or Kastar stand!! 

LIFT: It is necessary to buy a ticket for Saturday practice. The price list for the cable car is here.

SCHEDULE: children 15:00 , adult categories 16:30 in the race area

MANDATORY WEAR: helmet (integral helmet strongly recommended, XC/enduro helmet allowed), spine protector or backpack with integrated and certified spine protector is mandatory. Only one bike and components may be used and the rider must carry them with him/her at all times. No other help is allowed. We also recommend long-fingered gloves, knee and elbow pads, goggles.

Important phone numbers for the race:
Race management 736 521 636 
Mountain Service 1210

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