Rules of the Czech Championship 2023

T-MOBILE CZECH ENDURO SERIES 2023 - Czech Republic Championship

modification 15.7.2023


Date: 21.-23.7.2023
Place: the SKI Kraličák - Stříbrnice

The race is CARDION ENDURO RACE KRALIČÁK is the official Czech Republic Championship in the Enduro discipline. It is the official competition of the Czech Cycling Federation (hereinafter referred to as the CSC). Competitors without a CSC license can participate in the race as before, however, they will not be classified in the relevant category of the Czech National Championship, but only in the T-CES category.

Competitors can obtain a license on the Bike for Life club website 

The national championship is part of the Czech Cup T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series.


Registration for the race is done using the registration system (RS) at
Each participant is responsible for filling in the RS correctly and completely. For a minor child, this correctness is confirmed on the spot by the signature of the legal guardian. In case of incorrect or incomplete registration, the participant runs the risk of not having his/her result counted. In the event of an incorrectly entered result due to the above reasons, the competitor is fully responsible and no claim can be made. 
A competitor wishing to compete within the categories of the Czech Championship must hold a CSC licence. The licence number shall be entered in the appropriate box. The licence shall be presented at the presentation for inspection by a representative of the CSC. 
The competitor always starts at his own risk. The races are held in full road traffic and therefore the participant is obliged to obey the rules of the road and follow the instructions of the organizer. The competitor should know his/her current state of health before the race and undergo a professional examination by a sports doctor. It is recommended to take out accident insurance. Changing to another course on the day of the race is possible only with the consent of the delegated T-CES representative / referee, for a fee of 100 CZK. A change of venue may be refused without giving a reason.

The licence is a personal document entitling its holder to participate in cycling competitions and at the same time confirming his/her commitment to respect the statutes and rules of the Czech Cycling Union (CSC), the European Cycling Union (UEC) and the International Cycling Federation (UCI). The licence is a proof of professional competence for the cycling environment, it is a proof of membership in the relevant regional association, which is a member of the CSC.
Riders can obtain a license on the Bike for Life club website 

The licence is valid from the date of issue until 31 December of the year.

CSC Licensing Regulations


Men Elite
Women Elite 
Men Masters 35+ 
Juniors U21 

*Masters 35+ licensed racers can choose whether they want to race in the Elite or Masters category.

Single entry fee for practice and Sunday's race. Entry fee must be paid prior to the date of change in entry fee or well in advance of the race, crediting the entry fee no later than 7 days prior to the race. Late payments may not reach our account and thus risk - NOT TO BE ENTRYED ON THE START LIST.
It is possible to request a refund of the entry fee up to 7 days before the race date for a fee of 250,- CZK. Change of category is possible only until the last day of online registration for the race in writing (e-mail is sufficient). Transferring the entry fee to another race or another person is possible only until the last day of online registration for the race in writing (just email).

1100,- CZK January up to 30 days before the race
1300,- CZK 29 days - 7 days before the race. Last chance to register

ATTENTION: competitors are obliged to mark their bike with a plate with a valid starting number no later than 12:00 on Saturday, the courses are open only for registered competitors with a properly seeded number.
The starting list is compiled on the basis of the rules of the Czech Cup T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series from pre-registered competitors.
Competitors start in order from the highest to the lowest starting number. Specific start times will be published on the website by Saturday 20:00. In the event that the leading competitor in the running order is not present at the start, start number one will not be assigned. The race director has the right to award a maximum of 5 wild cards (priority starting number). Competitors start in the first RZet or transfer according to the following start lists, competitors start in subsequent RZets in any order. Women in Race and Hobby can start regardless of the order given by the starting number.
The race may start with a transfer. The competitor shall always prepare for the start with one foot on the ground, standing in the pedals is not allowed!

5.1 The Enduro course consists of several RZets (special stages) and transfers. The RZets are mostly downhill, with a section of climb no longer than 15% of the total length of the RZet. The track is not extremely technically demanding.

5.2 Transfers are used to move competitors from the finish of one RZet to the start of the next RZet. Competitors may transfer in groups, but always on their own without the use of any other person's assistance. On the Saturday before the race there is a time limit for the whole race, which is calculated from the start to the first ROW or the first transfer. For every 5 minutes over this time limit, 10 seconds will be added to the sum of the times from each RZet. The Race Director has the right to postpone the time limit by 15 minutes if more than 20% of the riders have missed the time limit.

5.3 There will be a mechanical depot within the race facilities (near the start and finish of the race) which competitors can use for foreign technical assistance.

5.4 The course is marked with marking tape and directional black and yellow markers, as well as through the gates with triangles pointing towards each other. The track may be driven at your own risk from 09:00 on the Friday before the race, with full marking completed by 11:00 on Saturday. Medical supervision is not provided during training.

5.5 In case of force majeure, the race director has the right to end the race early. For the purpose of determining the ranking, only RZets that have been completed by the entire starting list will be counted, excluding competitors who did not finish the race for other reasons.

5.6 Medical service is provided only during the race (Sunday). Alternatively, on Saturday when the start of E-Enduro or Race categories is announced. 

6.1 A competitor breaks the rules:
In the case of an incorrect or incomplete entry form.
In the case of shortening the route, not passing through the passage gate. The competitor is responsible for sticking to the officially marked course and is responsible for any mistakes made on the course. The competitor is obliged to stick to the natural line of the trail.
In case of early arrival of the trails outside the given days, which are reserved for training!!! 
In the case of using other people's help, even mechanical, except for the official depot at the stage and transfer or using tools and spare parts that he does not bring with him. The competitor is subject to a time penalty or disqualification !!! 
The competitor uses one bike, i.e. one frame, rear frame, fork and a pair of spoked wheels.

The competitor shall not cut, trim or alter the starting number plate in any way. An exception may only be made by a delegated representative/referee of the T-CES.
The competitor is obliged to use the designated transfer point to move between the RZets on his/her bike throughout the race weekend. He must not use other people's help, export by car, etc. This means any shuttling is NOT ALLOWED even during Friday and Saturday practice!!! 

6.2 Possible penalties for rule violations:

verbal warning
time penalty
The penalty is decided by the delegated T-CES representative / CSC referee in cooperation with the race director and the official timekeeper. Disqualification at the start is carried out directly by the CSC referee, the race or series director or his/her elected representative who is authorized to do so. A disqualified competitor may complete the race but will not be listed on the results sheet. Ignorance of the rules shall not be accepted as an excuse.

7.1 The competitor's ranking in the race is obtained by the sum of the times on the special stages (RZ). A competitor's ranking corresponds to the score of a certain number of points, according to the scoring table

7.2 Time measurement by Sportsoft, AIR+ chip technology

7.3 Within the announced categories for the Czech Enduro Championship, the three fastest riders will be announced and will receive the championship jersey, a medal and the title "Czech Champion 2023". 
The second and third place riders will receive medals. The title and medal will be awarded only to those competitors who have a valid CSC license. Titles in individual categories will be awarded only in case of participation of at least five competitors.
Foreign competitors will not receive a title, jersey or medals. They will receive only the prizes announced in accordance with the race schedule.

7.4 The winners will be announced each time after the race according to the time schedule.

7.5 In the event that a competitor does not attend the announcement (except for medical reasons), he/she will forfeit his/her claim to the prizes.

7.6 The T-CES and WC winners will be announced separately, with the WC being announced last in the post-race ceremony.

8.1 A rider may use only one bicycle, one component, must carry everything he/she needs himself/herself and must carry out repairs by himself/herself. He/she shall not put anything away or replace it. Although starts may be at the same place each time, the rider must start the entire race with all equipment. Mutual help between competitors is allowed and encouraged, no outside help is allowed. It is not allowed to use an e-bike during training or the main race except in the e-bike category.

8.2 A bicycle helmet is compulsory equipment. The rider must wear the helmet at all times during the race, the helmet is not required only in transfer when riding uphill on a forest road or in case of dismounting. For children and categories under 18 years of age a helmet is compulsory at all times without exception. A spine protector is also compulsory and can be replaced by a backpack with an integrated spine protector. Failure to wear the mandatory equipment will result in disqualification from the race.

The organizer strongly recommends:

Integral helmet throughout the race.
Knee and elbow pads
Long-fingered gloves
Downhill/motocross goggles
Tools, spare inner tube, basic first aid kit and always contact the organiser!

A protest against a result and a violation of the rules can only be lodged on the day of the race, no later than half an hour before the announcement of the results with the race director at the timing station in the finishing straight. The condition is to fill in the appropriate form and deposit 500 CZK, which will be returned to the protestor in the event of a positive outcome. Later claims will not be accepted. In exceptional cases, where a protest could not be lodged in due time for an objective reason, a protest can be lodged by email within 2 days from the day of the race.


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