Czech Enduro Team

Team competition CZECH ENDURO TEAM

Competition for teams of up to three people in the T-Mobile / Czech Enduro Series. A team is a purposeful grouping of riders who are duly registered for the team competition, have a common name and a captain. A team is formed exclusively by registration via All team members must have a profile in the registration system and must agree to their inclusion in the team. The team is created by the captain (founding member) using the registration numbers of the individual members. A team can be formed at any time during the season.

A team consists of a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 3 competitors. A team can be composed of riders of all categories and competitions Race and Hobby. The roster of members is valid for the whole course of the series. Changes and withdrawals of riders are not possible during the competition, matching is. Only riders who are on the team roster on the day of the event can score points. Points cannot be credited retroactively. Please do not confuse Team with Club! Club is a broader term. A rider may have a home club (e.g. within the Czech Cycling Federation) and this may be different from a Team within the T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series. Riders can join a Team even if they are from different clubs. The term Team belongs only to the team competition of the T-Mobile Czech Enduro Series

How to start a team? 

Starting a team is really simple. Choose your captain in the team. The team captain logs into his profile, there are bullets on the left side of the screen and there you just need to find MY SERIAL TEAM. Don't forget to name your team. Then just type the competitor's registration number in the appropriate box. At that point the racer's name and category will be displayed. Once you have your team ready, check that you agree to the terms and conditions and hit CREATE TEAM. Creating a team is free!!!  You have created your team and now all you have to do is train and practice. See you at the start. 

All the rules can be found here:


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